Every year, millions of pine trees are plucked from the ground and sold at tree farms to spend the Christmas season inside a warm house. 

But like most vegetation harvested from the ground, some years can yield a better crop than others. Although one local tree seller says we here in the Twin Tiers can expect a quality crop. 

“It’s been a good harvest,” says Kim Haskins, who owns Haskins Gardens on College Ave. in Elmira.

Haskins says their trees come from a farm just north of Watkins Glen. Not only is the quality of those trees top notch, but they’re also from a local source. 

“In fact, we have several different kinds to choose from, lots of supply. We’ve got Blue Spruces and some Canaan Firs and really nice trees for the holiday, great for decorating.”

Haskins says the most sought after trees at their store this year are the Canaan Firs she mentioned, as well as the always popular Douglas and Frasier Firs.