Local Zoo Permanently Closes After Reported Inhumane Practices

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The Animaland Zoo in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is no longer in business after concerned residents reported the establishment to officials.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund in California filed the lawsuit this past spring.

According to the non-profit, the roadside zoo decided to sell off the property just weeks after being served and closed its doors as opposed to fighting the lawsuit.

The two main animals in the case were a gray wolf named Bear and a Siberian tiger named Baby which both are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Matthew Liebman, the Chief Legal Counsel of ALDF says their living conditions were archaic.

“Bear, who is a wolf that we rescued, was housed by himself, which for a pack animal like a wolf really amounts to psychological suffering,” Liebman said. “He was housed by himself on a concrete floor and spent most of his time just sort of lying there lethargically. There were two bears, Shawn and Sandy, that had been in a concrete cage for 17 years,” Leibman said.

Bear is now roaming free with other wolves at Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania.

As for Shawn and Sandy, they’re now at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in San Antonio, Texas.

“It’s taken them a little while to get accustomed, which is totally to be expected,” Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Director of Animal Operations Rebecca Michelin said. “The area that they’re in now is so different from everything that they’ve ever grown up knowing. They’re enclosed with a completely natural bottom, so it’s all dirt, all grass, all leaves, and they’ve never touched that with their feet before. They have an open top enclosure and it’s many times the size of what they were raised in.”

The owner was at the zoo Tuesday morning and refused to comment. 

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