The Niagara County District Attorney confirms Niagara Falls police are investigating the homicide of a 3-month-old girl. No arrest has been made.

News 4 spoke with the mother of 3-month-old Alaya Foster, who was killed by blunt force trauma in Niagara Falls on February 23. 

Domonique Hilson says two weeks ago on a Thursday night, she left her 3-month-old daughter Alaya Foster in the care of a friend who had babysat the girl a couple of times before. The next day she called the babysitter and asked when she would be bringing the baby back. The friend said everything was fine and offered to keep watching Alaya but later that Friday night, the baby was rushed to the hospital and the cause of death was ruled a homicide with blunt force trauma to the head.

Hilson says a detective texted her saying he has enough evidence to put her in jail. “So why is she still not in jail. Like it’s not just me hurting behind this, it’s her family, friends. We did the polygraph test, everything. I passed the polygraph test,” said Hilson. “When it was time for her (the babysitter) to take her polygraph test, she asked for a lawyer and walked out.”

News 4 is not reporting the name or the Niagara Falls street where the babysitter lives because no one has been charged and this is an ongoing investigation. Niagara Falls Police say they have not commented publicly until today because there is no additional information they feel comfortable releasing without impairing the investigation.

“This case has been actively investigated since the baby’s death,” said Caroline Wojtaszek, Niagara County District Attorney,. “This is a top priority for our office as well as the Niagara Falls Police Department and we’re very actively investigating this matter.”