Organized In 60 Seconds Declutter Coach has a tip for organizing closets and hangers.

This organized in sixty seconds is brought to you by Confidata and Empire recycling.

Deb Cabral, The DeClutter Coach has a helpful tip for viewers to organize their closets.

“One of my pet peeves is a hanger that cannot hold Silk or sleeveless shirts,” said Cabral. “You put the item on the hanger and before you know it, it’s on the floor! I’ve got an easy and quick solution with a wooden hanger that you probably already have in home.”  

Using a glue gun carefully apply glue in a zig zag form on each side of the top part of the hanger.

Let the glue dry and you are ready to go! Tank tops and silk shirts will now stay on the hanger! No more shirts on the floor.

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