Residents to Vote on Proposed Project

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“The theme of this project is protecting our investment preparing for a future panther pride,” says Kathy Hagenbuch.
Residents of the Campbell-Savona area will vote Tuesday on whether or not to approve a proposed project a year and a half in the making. 
“The original building condition survey alone identified a potential renovations that would’ve cost $25 million to have completed which we felt was much larger than what we wanted to present to the public,” Hagenbuch says.
With help from the Board of Education, School officials were able to scale the project down so that it focused on only the most important needs of the District, the majority of those being maintenance and renovations estimated at just under 11 million. 
“This project will complete all of the roofing replacement and we shouldn’t need to do roofing work for at least 10 more years,” Hagenbuch says.
Part of the proposed project includes improvements to health and safety including putting a fence around the playground here at the elementary school.
“Even the fencing will just ensure that we know the kids are in and no one else is in with the kids so that’s a major safety piece too,” Hagenbuch adds.
She says that although it would have zero impact on local tax payers (thanks to state aid and capital reserve money) the district has received some concerns from the public regarding the cost of the project. Other Campbell residents say it’s a no brainer. 
“When I went to school we didn’t have a swimming pool and the heating system was old back then so I’m sure that it needs to be redone, says Pat Hamblin, a Campbell resident.
“I think it be a good idea I got a daughter that’ll be going there next year and I mean the school wasn’t bad when I went there but if they’re gonna make it better than go ahead,” says Nicholas Freedom, another resident.

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