The Myth Of The Thanksgiving Meal

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) The myth surrounding the Thanksgiving meal.

The turkey is typically the focal point of the Thanksgiving dinner, and it also takes the blame for many feeling sleepy later in the day.  However, a local dietitian said the turkey is not to blame.
An amino acid in turkey, called Tryptophan, does help your body make calming neurotransmitters, but it isn’t the reason you feel tired.  There’s no more Tryptophan in turkey than in many other foods.  “Many people don’t realize that Tryptophan is found in many different foods other than turkey so in theory if you consume those foods they would make you sleepy as well.  Things like milk, eggs, or cheese even and that just doesn’t happen,” said registered dietitian Anthony Patricelli.

Patricelli said you can’t blame the turkey alone for feeling groggy on Thanksgiving day.  The real culprit is over indulging throughout the day.  It takes a lot of extra energy for your body to digest the big meal, which can leave you feeling drained.  He added consuming alcohol, and simply being off of work contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere.

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