Things you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing, and what to do if they do

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New York State homeowners had to deal with more frozen pipes than any other state last year.
State Farm reports it paid out $37 million in claims to New Yorkers. That’s more than 15,000 cases, each averaged a $17k reimbursement to the homeowners. 

But there are some things you can do to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

When the temperature drops keep your thermostat set at the same temperature during the day and night. A trickle of hot and cold water could keep your pipes from freezing, let warm water drip overnight from a faucet on an outside wall. Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under appliances near exterior walls.

Before you travel to set the thermostat in your house no lower than 55 degrees. Shut off and drain the water system and ask a friend or neighbor to check on your house.

If you experience frozen pipes, leave the faucets turned on and call a plumber. Do not use electrical appliances in areas of standing water. And never try to thaw a pipe with an open flame.

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