It’s been a year since Julio Avila and the Elmira Volunteer Paranormal group traveled the Twin Tiers. They were in search of answers to what’s causing haunts at places said to be haunted.

They return this year with Paranormal in the Twin Tiers, continuing their travels and continuing to find local haunts.

In this first segment the group takes us to a cemetery in Breesport. Adam Nichols, the lead investigator of the EVP, said he and his crew visited before. They have always gone home with new results and new questions.

“It is such a weird place to investigate because it’s never the same,” Nichols said. 

This cemetery was incorporated on July 8, 1884. The land was owned by Joseph Rodburn. He owned many plots of land throughout Chemung County and donated the land for this cemetery.

Nichols is joined by fellow investigators Michael Pangallo and Michelle Wheet.

Throughout the night, Julio and the crew walked the cemetery. They thought they heard sounds and saw some things walking across.

Nichols used a device called an ovilus. It’s a device that is said to be sensitive enough to pick up electromagnetic energy that is allegedly spirits talking, but can differentiate when a live person is talking. It displays the words it pick ups.

At one point, 18 News’ former photographer Chris Golden was called out by name. The ovilus picked up his name and displayed it. He and Julio were in shock.

As to what else they found, make sure to tune into part two on Wednesday, Halloween night, on 18 News at 11.