HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) Everything from coffee to diapers to any cut of meat.

Imagine winning a free 2-minute shopping spree at a local grocery store. Well, this morning that happened to one Horsehead’s man and 18 News followed him on his shopping spree of a lifetime all for a great cause.

Warren Conklin taking off at 6:30 Tuesday morning, his eyes on the prize and giving back in his heart.

The annual ‘Check Out Hunger’ shopping spree is held every year to benefit The Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Giving Conklin just 2 minutes to get the biggest bang for his buck.

Conklin says, “Oh it’s very exciting, and I was so happy to help out the Food Bank, it was such a great experience”.

Conklin, a former teacher and softball coach at Horseheads High School racing against time, filling his carts with over $2,200.

Katherine Strawser, Community Engagement Manager for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier said, ” I don’t know if its really sunk in, the impact that he’s done today just in a short amount of time. I mean two minutes is a very quick time to have sch a huge impact and just $1 can provide three meals”.

That means Conklin’s efforts Tuesday morning will help provide over 6,600 meals to Southern Tier residents battling food insecurity.

David Marks, owner of Horseheads Jubilee Foods says, ” I think it’s phenomenal, this is what we’ve been waiting for with these shopping sprees. The fact that somebody can just run through the store and grabs a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff is awesome, especially because it’s all going to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier”.

Marks went on to say, “whatever he gathered, we donate back to the food bank in a cash donation”.

Marks also saying thank both the community and his cashiers who over the past month, were able to raise over $10,000 in donations for The Food Bank of the Southern Tier.

When asked about the impact that these donations will have on the food bank, Strawser says, “We’ve seen a 20% increase in need in the Southern Tier since the pandemic started. That means that one in nine people in the Southern Tier are facing food insecurity and are needing assistance with putting meals on the table during these challenging times”.