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The fourth of July is right around the corner and some may be thinking about buying fireworks. Until a new law was passed last year, New Yorkers couldn’t get their hands on them. Now, since it is unfamiliar, there is some confusion about what’s legal.

Most fireworks are still illegal in New York, and still are in New York City. But back in 2018 lawmakers left it up to counties and cities to allow anyone over 18 to buy “sparkling devices.”

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These are fireworks that stay on the ground or that you hold in your hand. They crackle and pop, but they don’t make the loud boom you’d hear during a professional show.

“They’re perfect for people that don’t like loud sounds and mainly for little kids, too,” said Sierra Jackson, who’s family owns the TNT tent in East Syracuse.

Still, first responders say they are dangerous.

“I would be very careful about proximity to it because it does shoot off sparks, so it can burn you. It’s not going to be a huge burn, but it can be painful,” said Fayetteville Fire Lieutenant, Patrick Mannion. “Be careful with your clothing. If you’re wearing really loose clothing or flammable clothing, that can be an issue.”

You can buy these fireworks at temporary tents set up in parking lots throughout New York State. They’re being sold until July 5.

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