Mr. Michael Porter is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher. Every day he greets his students with a smile.

He is one of two African-American teachers in the entire Horseheads School District. However, to his 7th-grade students, colleagues, and community, he’s just Mr. Porter.

“I thought if you’re who you are, and you’re true to yourself and to the profession, your example is going to shine no matter where you are at and I’m hoping, I believe that I’ve done that, ” said Mr. Porter.  

Mr.Porter is not shy about expressing his love for enriching kids. Over for the past 25 years, he has been the funny, passionate, social studies teacher, who uses his position to better the next generation. Something he takes very seriously. 

“I don’t have children on my own, so that has given me that opportunity in a way,” Mr. Porter says it keeps him mindful of the impact he has. “You can’t afford to have a sluggish day, because they feed off of what you give them.”

A native of Buffalo, Mr. Porter graduated from Buffalo State College and years later, he received his masters from Elmira College.

Teachers help to shape guide mold the character and personality of students. At Horseheads Middle School, Mr. Porter is responsible for shaping the next generation of students, and that’s something, he says is a privilege. 

Porter says this school district is a team, a community that works together.