WELLSBORO, PA (WETM) – Experts from across the country coming together on Tuesday to show off some of the latest technology and tools being used to help with public safety and interacting with individuals in the least confrontational manner.

Jeff Niklaus, founder of Compliant Technologies giving 18 News a first-hand experience of one of those tools, ‘The GLOVE’ and shows us just how it works.

“Our flagship product is called the glove and it stands for generated low output voltage emitter” says Niklaus.

It’s a new and much safer alternative to a taser.

“I came across this technology about six years ago and I immediately saw the application for law enforcement, corrections and vetted out security companies that deal with people” says Niklaus.

The glove is already being used by over 100 police departments across 20 states.

“My whole goal is to change how society and how our communities view law enforcement and give law enforcement and corrections those tools to be able to deal with the individuals within their sight that may be acting up but and to do so in a very quick and humane way” says Niklaus.

“If he starts resisting you, you apply the glove, it just changes your framework we achieve what’s called neuro-peripheral interference. So when I grab an individual with this tool, no actual current ever enters the body and the current stays on the outside”.

So for example, as you can see in the video it does not affect an individual through clothing, or from their hair.

Those charges not even going through metallic hand-cuffs, just on skin contact.

“The idea is for our officers to offer a low optics, humane pain compliance tool that does not burn leave marks or scars or puncture wounds in individuals”.

This tool helping enhance the officers training and to give them a better chance to get a situation under control.

“Even though people have a hard time with a taser they get millions of uses a year. There’s a lot of people whose lives have been saved by that tool”.

“This one tool can be used early on and then we can always go to those other devices if we need to later on”.