An Albany police officer is under arrest and facing assault charges. Two other officers have been suspended without pay as an investigation continues.

Chief Eric Hawkins says five-year veteran officer Luke Deer unreasonably beat someone with his baton in an incident that happened on March 16.

The incident was caught on camera and shows several Albany Police officers approaching a group of people.

Chief Hawkins says one was assaulted, receiving laceration and bruises to the face.

The city became aware of this incident from the person that sent the video rather than one of the 10-12 officers that were there. That’s why they say more officers could be facing disciplinary action.

There is body camera footage but it’s not ready to be released yet. Officials say it will be released eventually, but they say they could’ve come to the same conclusion without the footage.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan believes the overwhelming majority of members of the department would agree with disciplinary actions taken today.

Hawkins says a couple of bad apples don’t represent the whole department.

Officials are also investigating the possibility that one of the responding officers shut off their body camera when responding to this call.

“The conduct of some of the officers during that incident on March 16 was not reflective of the elite status that the Albany Police Department has earned in law enforcement circles,” Chief Hawkins said.

The incident remains under investigation.