Allergy Season: How masks, medicine, and shots help combat them

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(WETM) – Allergy season is here and it seems to be worse right now. In reality, allergies were lessened due to mask-wearing. As mask mandates end, people are being exposed to allergens more and more. Grass and tree pollen are the worst allergens currently and masks were helping keep these allergens out.

“Masks have definitely helped with allergies, if you think of them as a barrier that’s protecting your airways from the allergens. It just creates a barrier, so you’re not getting as much exposure, allergens are larger in size than COVID-19 particles so a lot of the masks we’re wearing are in hopes of limiting your exposure to COVID so they’re definitely going to help lock out the allergens as well.”

Dr. Ramneek Nakai says the best way to combat your allergy symptoms is to take allergy medication. Allergy shots are also an option but are a commitment. She does recommend them though.

“Yep. So, you know, see you know just get tested if you have a lot of things you’re positive to the allergy shots are a great long-term solution. You know they do take a little bit of a commitment it takes more time to be effective, but in the long run, if you’re having bad allergy symptoms every year or even all year. It’s a great solution so you’re not stuck taking medications every day.”

Dr. Nakai also says the best way to help prevent allergy issues is to keep windows closed and change clothes or shower after being outside.

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