EAST SMITHFIELD, PA. (WETM) – In a year filled with grief, terror, death, and general abnormality, Animal Care Sanctuary continued its mission to provide homes for animals that need them.

In the year 2020, ACS set a new record for cat and dog adoptions and it wasn’t exactly close. 1,243 cats and dogs were adopted into forever homes, animals from all over the country, and of course the dogs they brought in from South Korea with their partnership with humane Society International.

Rebecca Morgan, Animal Services Director at Animal Care Sanctuary said that she believes COVID pushed more people to adopt pets. “A lot of that honestly was due to COVID I know that COVID did a lot of bad things. This past year, but it really did a good thing for our adoption numbers, there were certain days in which we were doing over 13 adoptions back to back.” Morgan said.

Additional to the record number of adoptions Animal Care Sanctuary also performed over 3,200 spay and neuter surgeries in 2020 in their low-cost community clinic, which was another record that they say will reduce the homelessness of animals across the region.

While 2020 was an extremely difficult year for many, ACS says they are encouraged by the compassion that thousands of people and families have shown to animals as well as the Sanctuary.

Georgie Taylor of the Humane Society of Schuyler County said that they had a very strong year and a record breaking amount of adoptions of cats.