EAST SMITHFIELD, PA. (WETM) – Animal Care Sanctuary, earlier today, welcomed ten dogs that were rescued from South Korea. This is the most recent of several intakes from South Korea as a part of their partnership with Humane Society International.

“We’re one of their partners and they are working diligently in South Korea to end dog meat farms. Some of them have been in South Korea and like camps for the last three or four months. Some of them have just come to the States after being in our custody for two months.” Said Rebecca Morgan, Animal Services Director at Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

Animal Care Sanctuary will often take in up to ten dogs like this at a time as they will pull animals from high-kill shelters in the South. ACS partners with St. Hubert’s who also helps find animals that are in high-kill shelters in the Northeast U.S.

“We actually do transports almost every week of at least 10 dogs, we have regular transport that goes every two weeks we’ll get 10 dogs from them. They’re from high kill shelters in the south, we work with St Hubert’s, and they pull from other kill shelters and then we pull from them, along with owner surrenders as well.” Said, Rebecca

The dogs they are bringing in from South Korea range from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds. Some are very sweet, according to Rebecca, but she also expects some of them to be really scared. They seek foster homes for the dogs so they can learn how to be in a home as many of them have never been in a home or felt love from a human. These foster homes are also there to help train the dogs to live in a home with people, as some may have some behavioral issues considering the environment they came from. Potty-training the dogs is also something asked of the foster homes.

You can apply to be a foster home for a shelter animal on Animal Care Sanctuary’s website. Not only do foster homes help the animals understand the love of a human, but it also opens up space for another animal that needs saving at the shelter.

Animal Care Sanctuary is one of the oldest no-kill shelters in the United States and typically has approximately 150 cats and 20-30 dogs in its care. Animals are rescued from all over the U.S. and ACS is an official rescue partner of Humane Society of the United States to help rescue dogs from dog meat farms in South Korea and animals from natural disasters areas in the U.S. So far, this year, ACS has adopted out over a thousand cats and dogs, breaking last year’s record in October.