(WETM) — An upgrade rolled out by AT&T in the Elmira area is making it easier for emergency services to find and send help to wireless 911 calls.

The new “Locate Before Route” feature launched this week and uses GPS instead of cell towers to give a more precise location for people who call 911 from a mobile device.

AT&T says that the technology helps narrow down the location of a wireless caller from several miles to within about 55 yards. With the ability to locate callers better, public safety can respond faster.

According to a release from AT&T, about 80% of 911 calls today are made from mobile devices, so the technology will fill a significant need.

The new location-based routing is only available on the AT&T network. It will automatically work on mobile 911 calls across the state and is expected to be available for AT&T customers nationwide by the end of june.