ERIN, N.Y. (WETM) – When it comes to trade work and welding you initially assumes it’s a field for just men.

A local superwoman, Barbie the Welder is breaking glass ceilings and encouraging young girls to follow their dreams and forge their own futures.

Barbie Parsons, or as she likes to be called , “Barbie The Welder” says ” I knew in my soul… it was like being struck by lightning. It was just this moment where I knew welding and metal sculpting was what I was meant to do in life”.

Barbie has been welding for 14 years and sculpting for 8.

A self made artist whose work speaks for itself.

“I got into metal sculpting by seeing a woman in the movie, Castaway, starring Tom Hanks. At the beginning of the movie, I saw this woman and she’s sculpting this giant metal angel wings. There are sparks going everywhere and it just spoke to my soul” said Barbie.

Now with the help of her social media platforms people are recognizing she’s crazy good.

“I was raised by a dad who never treated me differently because I was a girl and I’m very blessed to have been brought up in a way that I just hadn’t seen gender barriers,” said Barbie.

Now Barbie is forging a new ‘Barbie World’ with one message for young girls looking to break glass ceilings.

“Unapologetically do what makes your heart happy and go after it”.

Barbie the Welder went on to say that the eagle and ospreys she welded for the City of Elmira’s roundabout near Elmira College has had the biggest impact on her career because quote, “Being asked to create a sculpture for my hometown, that’s my art. Like, because I believed in myself and my followers on social media believed in me it has given me the ability to go back and honor a place I love deeply”.