BRADFORD CO., Pa (WETM) — As more vaccines continue to be distributed, some states are seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. Bradford County, Pennsylvania has seen an increase of 174 active cases since Monday.

According to health officials, the county is also seeing a decline in vaccine distribution.

“We do see that people are a little more lax in wearing masks and staying socially distance,” said Dr. Michael Scalzone, MD, Guthrie Hospital. “I think people are tired and unfortunately, I do think that people are relaxing their guard, they’re not being quite as vigilant, and that contributes to more infections. We are also a little concerned that this could be a variant, we do know that the UK variant is more widespread than it was at the beginning of March, and we know that that is more transmissible.”

Dr. Scalzone said they think that may be part of the infection rates increasing. He said the recent uptick is happening within younger adults from ages 18-40.

Meanwhile, the Bradford County Chairman told 18 News, he is worried about the uptick in cases.

“The numbers are certainly concerning,” said Daryl Miller, Bradford County Chairman. “We’re seeing this uptick but it’s not in one particular slot, it just seems to be all over the county.”

Miller said everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated to help slow the spread of the virus.

“It’s certainly an individual’s choice, certainly as to whether they want to or not,” Miller said. “We’re encouraging people if that’s what they want to do— if they want to become vaccinated, there’s opportunities, there’s vaccines for the young.”

Dr. Scalzone told 18 News the vaccine clinics used to fill up, but now they are having a hard time filling in the slots.

“We’re seeing in the beginning, those slots would fill up in minutes,” Dr. Scalzone said. “Now, the next day or the day after, we’ll have 30% or 40% open slots.”

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