WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WETM) – Brandon Matthews has been removed as the Sergeant in Charge with the Watkins Glen Police Department, according to The Odessa File.

Matthews has been replaced by Ethan Mosher, who has held that position on an interim basis.

Matthews was on administrative leave since August while New York State Police conducted the investigation, the nature of which has not been made public at this time.

Watkins Glen Mayor Luke Leszyk tells The Odessa File that the village is “in a holding pattern” regarding Matthews’ status.

Brandon Matthews is represented by defense attorney Raymond Schlather, who responded to The Odessa File with the following statement:

“By Notice of Dismissal dated October 6. 2020, the Schuyler County Grand Jury found that both Sgt. Matthews and Danielle Matthews, husband and wife, had done nothing wrong. The investigation was closed without charges. Under the circumstances, the Notice of Dismissal is under seal and cannot be released.”

“This case illustrates how a false accusation and the subsequent lack of proper investigation and due diligence by the police lead to very real damage to reputations, especially in a small community. Sgt. Matthews and Danielle are hardworking, honest and decent members of the community. They deserve an apology.”

When Schlather was asked if he could say what accusations had been brought against Sgt. Matthews and his wife, he responded “No,” but then added: “I can say that they had nothing to do with anything financial, sexual, parental, abusive or violent.”

Danielle Matthews is represented by attorney Matthew Buzzetti.

Ethan Mosher was named Tuesday night by the Watkins Glen Village Board as the Sergeant in Charge of the Watkins Glen Police Department. Mosher had held that post on an interim basis. Mosher, eligible for the job after attaining the permanent Civil Service rank of Sergeant, takes over the job that had been held on a provisional basis by Brandon Matthews, who failed to attain the Civil Service rank of Sergeant. Matthews was placed on administrative leave in August pending completion of an investigation by State Police on never-specified allegations, and is still on administrative leave after a Schuyler County grand jury declined to indict him or his wife on publicly unspecified allegations. The Board also voted Tuesday to reassign Matthews to his original position, that of patrol officer. Mayor Luke Leszyk said attorneys for the village and the police union continue to discuss Matthews’ situation.