Breast cancer survivor shares holistic approach

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It’s the topic of alternative and complementary medicine, while there may not be hard data about them, there are lots of people that say they work.

Breast cancer survivor April Hart credits a holistic approach with saving her life.

The Elmira native’s diagnosis came just three months after her mother passed away in 2010 at 33-years-old.  Today, Hart is cancer free.

“To me it told me that it was environment, it was situational, it was what I was putting in and on my body,” said Hart.  “That just made sense and kind of gave me validation what I was doing and the approach I was taking was the right approach.”

Hart had a lumpectomy but forgoed chemo, radiation and hormone therapy.

She says the right approach for her was turning to alternative medicine, focusing on the mind, body, soul and immediately switching to an alkaline diet.

“When they told me the margins were cleared and the lymph nodes were clear, I knew I was done,” said Hart.  “I knew it was over and it would never put me back and that’s the feeling I felt and I could tell it was gone when I woke up from that surgery, I could tell I was cancer free.”

Hart faced criticism for her holistic ways and had to cut people out of life.

Her husband Edward Krovetcz became a certified herbalist after Hart’s diagnosis.

Hart found it hard to make the lifestyle changes she knew she needed, while still getting the effective products she wanted.  

The couple created Bespoke Apothecary, an all natural skincare line using methods Hart found helpful while undergoing cancer treatment herself.

“Bespoke Apothecary actually means custom made medicine, so we really want to get to the place where we can make things as people need them, to kind of fit a niche that really isn’t in Elmira,” Hart said.

Some of the ingredients are grown and produced on their organic permaculture farm in Elmira.

“We may not have the answer but we probably have a book that has the answer for people,” Hart said. 

Hart got her information from, a website that shares stories of cancer survivors who used holistic practices.

If you have a health concern or condition, always consult a physician.

To learn more about Bespoke Apothecary, visit their website

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