HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) — This year’s Bryant Park Christmas tree came from Yule Tree Farms, where the tree was prepared for its destination.

The farm is comprised of 1,800 acres with a little over a million trees. Each tree starts as a 6-inch seedling, and then after 65 years, they grow between 40 to 60 feet. The process of getting the trees ready takes nearly four days, with three to four workers cutting a few branches to tie the tree and giving it some water so it will be ready for cutting.

One of the tree arborists, Austin Malphrus, said, “Tying up the branches you have to go and start with at the top and basically have to climb up all the way to the end of the branch, tie the rope and then climb up even further, and then wrap it and then pull it down. So start to make a cone.”

After that, the crew fills 500 gallons of water in the buckets with holes to allow the water to drip and the tree absorbs the water overnight for 12 hours before it is ready to be cut down.

Tomorrow, the farm will be shipping out its next holiday tree to Philadelphia, where it will be installed on the north side of the city hall.

“We’re very grateful and very proud to have so many people that during the Christmas holidays are going to enjoy the tree. So over, it’s, it’s very special for us,” said Dan Stutzman, retired tree arborist.