SOUTHERN TIER, N.Y. (WETM) – With the colder weather quickly approaching, residents are now making winter preparations. However, preparing for the cold may not be very easy this year.

Important necessities for the wintertime, including bags of salt, shovels, and snow plows, are likely going to face shortages in businesses across the Southern Tier.

Southern Tier Hardware, for example, is currently finding ways to deal with this ongoing issue.

“We all buy from the same sources, so we’re all dealing with the same shortages basically,” Southern Tier Hardware owner Jim Scott said. “And we’re all handling it in different ways. We’ve ordered ahead most of our fastest moving products.”

Residents can still buy necessary items like snow shovels at these businesses before the coldest weather makes its inevitable return to the Twin Tiers. Residents are also advised to buy winter products ahead of time.