Caden Charnetski Trial: Day three brings more to the stand

Local News

The third day of Caden Charnetski’s bench trial saw a few more witnesses take the stand including an expert and officers on the scene of the crash July 2018. 

Forensic toxicologist, Daniel Isenschmid, confirmed zero traces of alcohol in Matthew Matteson’s system. 

Then, vivid memories were brought to life in the courtroom after officer David Ruhmel of the Horseheads Police Department testified about the horrifying moments after the collision. 

Personal effects were confirmed in evidence bags and in photos, like the helmet and boots of Haroyln and Matthew that were left on the scene. 

Other effects included Charnetski’s sandwich bag of marijuana.

Sergeant Sean Murray of the Horseheads Police Department described in detail a number of the field sobriety tests he conducted on Charnetski that ultimately led to his arrest. 

All parties continue to prepare to reconvene at the Chemung County Court on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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