ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Candida Auris is a life-threatening fungus that spreads quickly. It is slowly making its way to each state and the CDC warns its increasing dramatically, posing a serious global threat.

Why it poses a threat:

  • Multidrug-resistant meaning it’s resistant to multiple anti-fungal drugs used to fight Candida
  • Difficult to identify with standard laboratory methods
  • Caused outbreaks in healthcare settings

Dr. Justin Nistico an Infectious Disease specialist for Arnot Health said, ” There is a risk of more resistance developing which leads to less treatment available. It then becomes less effective when trying to help people who have infection with this fungus.”

For a healthy person, it is really no cause for concern. The symptoms are fever and chills that will run its course with anti-fungal medications prescribed by your doctor it should go away.” says Darlene Smith the Public Health Director for Steuben County.

Patients in nursing homes, daycares and hospitals those are the groups of people with a weaker immune system and they are more at risk of contracting this infection and dying.

Experts suggest being more hygienically conscious to avoid further spread.