Cat Reunited with Family after Missing for 10 Years!

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As Animal Care Sanctuary celebrates it’s 50th year of operation, they are also celebrating the reunion between pet and owner after 10 years. 

Pets seem to go missing all the time, and it can be for any reason, they get scared and run away or something as simple as being curious and finding a way out of the safety of their homes. 

It’s not every day that those lost pets are able to be reunited with their families, but that’s exactly what happened with Jack the cat!

Robert Costley, Jack’s owner remembers him being just a bit smaller. Ten years ago Jack went missing in Elmira and after a while Costley began to fear the worst. Luckily because Jack had been micro-chipped as a kitten the Animal Care Sanctuary was able to find Jack’s family. When asked Costley said he thought he would never see Jack again. 

Many animal shelters are beginning to use the microchip technology to scan any animal brought in to make sure they don’t already have a home. “When this guy came in he was a stray that had been roaming in Elmira for about 3 months, and we were really excited when we scanned him and found out that he had a chip…..We were finally able to reunite this guy with his family, which was really exciting for us!” Emily, the director of the cattery at Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) was excited to see Jack reunited with his family. 

This brings up a very important message that Joan, Executive Director of Animal Care Sanctuary, and Emily cannot stress enough and they want to be sure that everyone gets not only their dogs micro-chipped but their cats as well. Even indoor cats need to be chipped because you never know if they may get loose. 

“And today a lot of people still don’t microchip cats and we feel that its really important, as you can see, here it is.”  “Yeah if he wasn’t chipped… we would have never found him.” This is a perfect example of how stories of animals being micro-chipped can be happily returned to their families.

Ten years ago, not many people would think about getting their pet micro-chipped, however, that thought has changed and now many people do. It was just luck that Jack had been chipped, otherwise he may have never been reunited with his family. 

This process is so important to both Joan and Emily that they encourage people to come and get their pets micro-chipped, they are holding a microchip clinic on September 8th, where they will be doing all micro-chipping at a discounted rate. Normally they charge 40 dollars per pet, for this clinic they will be charging 25. 

 If you are interested in adopting a new pet, or in any of the services Animal Care Sanctuary has to offer visit

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