Catholic school sparks outrage after decision to ban girls from wearing skirts

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 A California school is making a controversial decision to crackdown on a traditional dress code. 

Cathedral Catholic High School in Carmel Valley announced Friday girls would no longer be allowed to wear skirts. The announcement sparked outrage from students who call the ban “sexist.”

Lana Owad, a student at Cathedral Catholic, said, “I think that the ban is very sexist.”

In a letter sent to parents and students, CCHS said the dress code exists to foster a faith-based environment where students are focused on learning and not outward appearances. The school added that they have issued thousands of hours of detention related to the length of girl’s skirts.

“We’ve had them tailored in the past because of the restriction on it. We spent money on buying different skirts because they ban other styles for us to wear,” said student Riley Staal.

According to the private schools dress code posted to their website, in the past girls were allowed to wear skirts or skorts that were not excessively tight or form fitting and were no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the kneecap while standing upright.

One student says the change was prompted by adults, not students. 

“No one wants the skirts going, like, literally, no one wants the skirts gone. I think only the principal and teachers want the skirts gone,” said Mimi Cleary.

Students say their families have spent enough money on the uniforms they already have and feel that they should be able to present themselves how they feel comfortable.

“Everyone should just keep their eyes to themselves they don’t have to be looking down at our skirts that’s not a issue I think guys get to wear pants girls get to wear skirts.  It shouldn’t be banned,” said Lana Owad.

Under the new dress code, girls can wear pants, Bermuda shorts, or capri pants.

The school said girls aren’t the only ones having dress code problems: the administration will also be holding boys more accountable about their facial hair next year.

Students plan to rally against the skirt ban Tuesday.

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