Earth Day was created in the United States but is now celebrated all over the world.

It was founded by the late Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin. His goal was to create a day of awareness about environmental issues.

It’s not until Saturday, Aprill 22, but Corning Community College held an event Friday in recognition.

CCC held its 11th annual Earth Day Fest, but this year, it’s called the Earth Day Farmers Market highlighting farmers in the community. They were selling products such as maple syrup, honey, and jam.

Nonprofit organizations were there too.

“It’s just a reminder to our students of all the different organizations and opportunities, like recreational opportunities, of ways to get involved in their communities,” CCC Biology Professor Donna Powers said.

For example, Mothers Out Front, a nonprofit, was in attendance educating students on the fossil fuel industry and its impact on climate change.

Friends of the Chemung River Watershed was there for its third year.

“I think most people are surprised to find out that there are opportunities to have guided paddles to be on the river to experience it,” Don Hall, the vice president of the Chemung River Watershed, said. “We have biking tours and hikes and other opportunities to use the river as a source of education and relaxation.”

Additionally, a fun project with liquid nitrogen was presented by students. Although it doesn’t necessarily tie into Earth Day, it’s still a part of science.

Students sprayed liquid nitrogen on popcorn, which removed all of the popcorn’s moisture giving it a crunchy texture and consistency. Once eaten, smoke exits from your nose and mouth.

It’s another fun way to get students interested in the science club and the environment especially because most people might not think of nature in their everyday lives, so having this significant day gives them the opportunity.

“Take the moment to reflect and be a little more connected,” Powers said. “Maybe get out and be more involved in the community.”

Earth Day was founded in 1970 with 20 million people participating. Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency later that year.