TOWANDA, Pa. (WETM) – A Towanda woman who accused a man of lighting her gasoline-covered car on fire while she was inside has admitted that she made it all up, according to police.

The charges against the Towanda man were dropped the day of his court hearing on July 7, 2023, according to Pennsylvania State Police. The police report said that 23-year-old Cortney Ritts, the woman who accused the man, showed up to the hearing and “admitted to falsifying all of the events that had occurred, stating she made everything up.”

The man had originally been accused of getting involved in a domestic incident, pulling her hair, shoving her, threatening to kill her cat, pouring gasoline on her car after damaging it, and lighting it on fire while she was still inside.

Ritts was arrested at the courthouse and charged with Falsifying Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities.