Charnetski Bench Trial continues at impound lot

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The eighth day of 19-year-old Caden Charnetski’s bench trial continued at an impound lot for a portion of the day.

There, both the prosecution and defense examined Charnetski’s damaged sedan and the Matteson’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Dr. Stuart Phoenix, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor at Cornell University, assumed Matthew and Harolyn Matteson were speeding at about 63 miles per hour at the time of the fatal accident.

These assumptions were derived from calculations based off of prior witness, David Buckner’s testimony, earlier in the trial.

Dr. Phoenix confirmed he did not consider variables in his assumptions.

One variable included whether or not the Matteson’s may have sped up then descended back down to the 40 mph limit by the time of the collision.

Dr. Phoenix, however, said this is not likely.

New York State Police Investigator, David Bly, then returned to the stand once again.

This time, he debunked Dr. Stuart’s theories about the speed captured by the Event Data Recorder, or EDR, commonly known as the “black box” in a vehicle.

It records the speed of a car within seconds of a crash.

Both expert witnesses continued back and fourth until the early evening hours testifying on whether or not the EDR was an accurate record of speed.

The bench trial resumes 9 a.m. on Thursday at the Chemung County Court as the defense brings another witness to the stand.

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