Chemung County Budget Committee looks to expand tax break for seniors county-wide

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The Chemung County Budget Committee passed a resolution to expand a tax break for seniors county-wide, on Monday night.

The Committee voted 7-0, in favor of the resolution that would increase the income needed to qualify for a partial tax exemption on real property for those 65 years and older.

Currently, in order to get a 50% tax exemption, your income has to be less than $13,500. Under the resolution, that number would increase county-wide to match the city’s income level, which is $16,500.

The resolution will now have to be passed by the entire legislature, but things got heated after some committee members said they wanted to see the data themselves.

John Burin, county legislature, is a proponent for increasing the income limits for senior citizens so more can qualify for real property tax exemption. 

Burin exchanged words with Steve Hoover, Chemung County Budget Director, claiming he has refused to share the internal analysis with the budget committee. 

“I don’t think the impact to the other taxpayers is going to be as significant as what they are saying,” Burin told 18 News. “They are saying it’s only going to be a $1.06, for every $100,000 of assessed evaluation, which is nothing. But, I think it’s even less than that.”

The Chairman of the Legislature directed the Budget Office to provide the analysis before the full legislature meeting on Monday, May 13th.

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