The Chemung County Board of Health will be meeting Tuesday night to get an update on the county’s ban of electronic cigarettes in the county’s parks.

The Chemung County Board of Health brought the ban up in April, and it was passed through the legislature and approved in June.

All county parks, which include Park Station, Harris Hill, and Fairgrounds, no longer allow the use of electronic cigarettes.

Peter Buzzetti, Deputy Public Health Director, said electronic cigarettes can carry as many additives as tradition cigarettes. Therefore, their health impacts should be looked at the same, including the dangers of first and second hand smoking.

“Proximity plays a big role, and when we talk about parks, we talk about families and children. We certainly want to, as a community, do the best we can to limit their contact,” Buzzetti said.

The ban of electronic cigarettes in parks is becoming more common. Steuben County banned the use in their county parks earlier this year.