(WETM) — The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office and the National Child Safety Council are organizing the annual child safety program for the children of Chemung County.

For the program, all elementary students attending Chemung County Schools, K-5, are set to receive age-appropriate safety manuals. The manual’s contents have been approved by Chemung County Sheriff William Schrom and will cover topics such as dangerous people, bicycle safety, internet safety, drug awareness, violence prevention, bullies, and senior safety.

The Sheriff’s Office says that letters asking to support and cover the cost of the manuals will be sent to local businesses and industrial leaders. Sheriff Schrom hopes that businesses will continue to support the cost of the program, as they have done so in the past.

For further information, you can contact the National Child Safety Council at jbraun001@rochester.rr.com, or at 585 414-0887.