Clendenning Road damage concerns Lindley residents

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Debra Burdick lives right off of Clendenning Road, in Lindley. Friday evening, It was the scene of rushing water and debris littering the intersection onto the County Route.

It’s the worst damage some residents have seen from flooding in the area in a long time. However, Burdick believes heavy rain wasn’t the only culprit. 

A line of ditches sit along the perimeter of properties in the area to drain excess water. Burdick said not too long ago, trees were cut down on Stevens Road. She said those tree limbs and branches were left in the ditches. 

“When they went along and cut all these trees down, they just left all the clippings in the ditches, so that’s what made all these ditches overflow and take out part of County five,” Burdick said. 

In response, the Town of Lindley said all roads and creeks have been and continue to be looked at and repaired. 

Lindely remains in a State of Emergency. Local highway departments and the Steuben County Department of Public Works assessed and worked on reopening roads that were impacted during Friday’s flash flooding.

Steuben County Emergency Management Services advised travelers to be careful on roads, including those that have reopened. 

“Some of these roads, even the roads that are open down there, are not in great shape, so people need to use caution when traveling down in that area,” Timothy Marshall, Director of Steuben County Emergency Management Services, said.

Although Clendenning Road is open, along some areas, guardrails that separate the highway from a steep drop to a creek were barely perched in the saturated mud. 

The Town of Lindley filled the gaping holes with dirt and rocks to hold the black top together as more rain lingers into the forecast this week. 

Burdick was concerned about the sturdiness of dirt filling to secure the black top. 

“It’s quite a scary situation because busses are heavy, and for the kids to be over there,” Burdick said. “if we get more rain tonight until Thursday, what safeness is that road going to have?”

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