ELMIRA, NY (WETM) – Over 50 members of the community gathered in Wisner Park Tuesday evening for the ‘Say No To Violence Rally.’

The event was sponsored by political pundit, Dr. Stephen Coleman, and President of the Elmira-Corning NAACP, Georgia Verdier. People who attended say they were there because of their own experiences with violence in the community.

“My son was killed and they never notified me…When they arrested the guy who killed him nobody told me…The Elmira Police Department and the City of Elmira need to inform…so that’s why I am here to advocate for my son,” said Elmira resident, Jean Brundridge.

Brundridge said she came to the event to find out who the leaders in the community were and what they were doing in order to stop the violence. Not too different than Mary McNamara, another member of the audience who is also displeased with the lack of action from city officials.

“I came here to listen to the direction of the leaders here in the City of Elmira.” McNamara explained that in her instance dealing with violence, she felt unheard, “due to the negligence of the Elmira City School District as well as Elmira City Police Department.”

The rally went from 7:00- 8:00 p.m., hosted by Dr. Coleman, and included speakers Mayor Dan Mandell, Georgia Verdier, Chemung County Sherriff, Bill Schrom, Revered Nathanial Wright, community activist and NY Democratic Committee Member, Willie Owens, attorney and pastor of Shiloh Community Church Susan BetzJitomir, political commentator Tom Santulli, and community leader Claud Oliver.