Conceal Trends Your Child Might be Using to Hide Drugs And Alcohol

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An event at Haverling Senior High School in Bath informed community members on Wednesday that their kids might be hiding drugs and alcohol in a not so discrete way.

What parents are looking for might actually be right in front of them.

With a mock bedroom in the school’s auditorium, Jermaine Galloway, also known as the “Tall Cop” of Tall Cop Says Stop showed those in attendance how teens might be using trends to conceal substances.

He displayed a bracelet which works as a pipe, a tube which can store alcohol or other drugs in a fake tampon bag, and other pieces of clothing with storage pockets.

“Everything starts small, and that’s one of the mistakes we make as parents,” Galloway said. “We think, ‘That’s no big deal. They’re just experimenting. That’s no big deal. They just tried it.’ Well, when does it become a big deal for you? No parent woke up and said, ‘I think my son or daughter is about to become a meth addict or is about to become a heroin addict.’ They woke up and their kid was a heroin addict, so it’s to understand that we have to take the small stuff very seriously. I’m not saying you have to overreact to it, but don’t just disregard it.”

In these sessions, he provides training to spot the signs of substance abuse and how parents can have that conversation with their children. 

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