Continious rainfall leading to swollen rivers

Local News

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – We have seen quite a bit of rain over the last few weeks leading to rivers being high and even some flooding. But even with all of this recent rain we are still right about average for the year. We started off the year well below average but now this month we have had a surplus of rainfall, allowing us to catch up to near average for the year.

“It has been a little bit drier than normal and we have been monitoring the trends. But recently in the past couple of weeks, we have gotten more in terms of the wettness so there is definitely potential that we start to come out of that abnormally dry category in terms of the rainfall,” said National Weather Service in Binghamton Meteorologist Mitchell Gaines.

If we keep up this wet trend scenes like flooding could be possible as we head into late spring. At this point the rivers have been full for a couple weeks and won’t take much to flood especially in those low lying areas

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