ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – A corn maze is about as iconic to fall as pumpkins are. From kids to adults, many love to take the challenge of treading through the twists and turns of an end-of-season cornfield.

Depending on where you go, the severity of a corn maze can be very easy, or really challenging, and everything in between.

If you were ever wondering how a corn maze is built, according to Corn Mazes America, it turns out that there are professional corn maze companies that help farmers build them in their fields. Some farmers use GPS while others use a grid system to map where they are as they plot out the paths to the maze.

According to Corn Mazes America, corn mazes are anywhere between 4 and 20 acres in size, farmers tend to get creative and put puzzles within the maze along with hints and other fun things to make the experience enjoyable.

Across the Southern Tier there are a variety of farms for you to visit that have not just corn mazes, but pumpkins, apples, petting zoos, and everything else that reminds you of fall.

Below is a map of multiple corn maze locations that can be visited this fall: