CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) — An elaborate display of colors could be seen up and down Market Street in Corning Saturday afternoon as Corning celebrated Pride Month.

Hundreds of people flowed in from all over to participate in an event that hasn’t been seen like this in years. Attendees were able to enjoy music, games, face paintings, a car parade, and the shops of Market Street on a warm sunny day.

The car parade was the main event as those participating decorated their vehicles in an array of colors as they traveled from Elmira to Corning.

A crowd lined the street close to Centerway Square and loudly cheered as the cars passed by, honking their horns and waving to the crowd.

One participant in the parade was happy to be a part of it and has waited years to be able to take part.

“As a gay guy, we’re kinda not able to express ourselves, especially out in public,” said Bill Myers a participant in the parade, when asked about the importance of pride events, “so it’s nice to have at least one day out of the year that we’re able to do that,” he said.

The atmosphere was friendly and everyone around was enjoying themselves, and able to feel happy expressing themselves.

This is the first time an event like this was able to be done since 2019, due to COVID, pride events were lessened over the past two years. This year they decided to include Elmira in the parade as Corning Pride shares connections with the safe zones program in Elmira and thought it would be a good way in connecting the local LGBTQ+ community.

Multiple attendees at the event expressed how good it is to do events like this in Corning and be able to participate in them and feel welcomed in the community.