CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) — Corning’s Centerway Square has been voted to the top 10 best public squares in the country as part of USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice travel awards for 2022.

Nominees for the award are chosen by a panel of relevant experts which includes a combination of editors from USA TODAY.

Last year, the Square has voted the best Public Square in the country. This year, Centerway Square has been voted the second-best. You can see the entire top ten on the official awards page.

In April 2013, Corning’s Centerway Square was named one of the 15 Most Beautiful Town Squares in America by Travel + Leisure.

“Small towns, like Corning, are much more than a testament to the past or a way to connect to bygone days. They also help us connect to a way of life built around community and fellowship, where neighbors support each other and celebrate together, and where strangers are treated as friends. At the heart of all that, literally and metaphorically, you’ll find the town square.” says Dave DeGolyer, Corning’s Communications Manager.

“I grew up in a small town,” says Kevin Costello, President of Explore Steuben. “Now that I am older I have a lot of those ‘I remember doing that as a kid’ moments when I am in a spot we all frequented in my hometown. Centerway Square is that spot for many in Corning. The cool thing about that is families are still making those moments right now and will be saying ‘I remember . . .’ about Centerway years in the future.”

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