ELMIRA N.Y. (WETM) – King Charles has officially been coronated early Saturday morning May 6, 2023, and the festivities haven’t ended yet from this historical moment.

Local British native and owner of Seneca Lake Brewing Company, Bradley Gillett spoke to us about the coronation, and he is very hopeful the new King will have a successful reign.

Bradley Gillett is a local establishment owner who originated in the United Kingdom. Born and raised he remembers life in the UK, and Christmases with his family as they gathered around to hear the Queen make her yearly broadcast.

” I remember days where the entire family would be at my parents’ house, and we would sit down and watch the Queens speech. And that was just an institution for all of us, and that still carries on my parents still host Christmas day for the most part and they all sit and watch the King’s speech now.”

He added, “Growing up in the UK was amazing.”

I asked “Do you think that Charles, we’ll have the same kind of success as his mother did?

Bradley responded, “I do, you know, the Queen was very, very much loved by the majority of the British people. I mean, she was in an institution. She was the only queen I ever knew.”

Bradley added, “So again, it comes down to change. Charles is going to be doing things differently. And I think he’s been groomed for that, but he’s also been groomed in such a way that he wants to kind of carve his own moving forward and make these changes for the betterment of the British people and however it pans out with the European Union and so forth as well.”