ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Winter weather shouldn’t be anything new to the Twin Tiers, but things happen like accidents.

Chemung County Deputy Collin Calloway has been patrolling the county for more than a year and says the first few snowfalls send drivers into a panic, but they eventually get into the swing of things. When driving through snow covered roads, plowed or otherwise, it’s important to consider other vehicles.

“Speeding is honestly a big one, you should drive under the speed limit in these sort of conditions. So if I see a speeder in this weather that’s creating more of a hazard to the public.”

Calloway recommends drivers leave extra space between vehicles. This gives those drivers an opportunity to stop and avoid an accident. Driving with your headlights on in snowy conditions makes your vehicle visible to others while on the road. It’s also important to clean all ice and snow off your vehicle before entering the roadway so no damage is done to other vehicles and so there is nothing is left in the road. Slowing down on bridges is also important.

“Bridges can be icier in these type of weather conditions because of the airflow over and under the bridge. It makes the structure colder, icing the bridge.”

Drivers should slow down on icy or slushed roads and bridges. These simple tasks help keep drivers safe on the road and leaves you less likely to be pulled over for a traffic infraction.