WATKINS GLEN N.Y. (WETM) – Recent frost has damaged crops all over the New York Region. Vineyards and Orchards throughout the state were affected.

The temperatures dipped low, causing frost and lower bud yields. According to David Stamp, Manager of Lakewood Vineyard, grapes have three buds primary, secondary, and tertiary buds within one bud. So even though their crops were affected, they will still yield buds, just not as much as expected.

“This is kind of a weird event for us. I’ve been in business for over 37 years, and this is by far the worst we’ve ever had,” said Stamp.

In an Orchard, Apples have clusters of seeds. Eve’s Cidery was also affected by this recent frost. According to Autumn Stoscheck, Owner of Eve’s Cidery, this year seemed very promising until the frost happened.

“We’re looking at the largest bloom we’ve ever had in our orchard since 22 years of growing apples,” said Stoscheck. “So, for the next two weeks, either they’re going to heal whatever damage they had and then start to grow and continue on their way to come up, or they’re going to shrivel up and fall off the tree.