ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – If you are driving somewhere in the heat you may want to check your back seat to make sure you did not leave your medications in the car.

With the hot and humid weather we’ve had as of late you should take precautions to maintain your health and safety. A commonly overlooked, but necessary, step to maintain your well-being is to not leave medications in your car.

“I think that if we can keep medication stored at temperatures that are comfortable for us to be in, the medication is going to be fine,” said Frank Steed, local pharmacist at Gerould’s Pharmacy. “We start to get into temperatures that we are uncomfortable in, medication doesn’t need to be there either,” Steed said.

Steed went on to mention that medications can lose their effectiveness in minutes, not hours, when in extremely hot conditions, like cars, so be aware of that. Also worth mentioning, liquid medications, like Epipens, can develop condensation which can kill their effectiveness even faster than solids.