The coronavirus pandemic has shifted many aspects of modern life within the last year including how we interact with one another including the dating scene. With worldwide conditions not conducive to meeting singles, Executive Level Certified Matchmaker and Dating Coach Maureen Tara Nelson says don’t limit yourself to the usual spots and to open your eyes to the possibility of meeting people in places you have to go anyways.

“The supermarket. That is a perfect place to meet someone because say you are looking to get into great shape. Go around and find someone that you can see looks like they’re single because there’s only a few things in their shopping cart and if you notice most of the things that are in the shopping cart are health foods, that’s a great opener to a conversation,” says MTN.

When you first start dating someone new, you usually consider their hobbies, interests or political views to determine a match but now there’s a new category: you and your partners approach to COVID safety.

Dating app user, Susie Griffiths, shares how the experience has been thus far. “People are pretty upfront about their comfort level and then whether or not they have been exposed to it in any capacity and how they have been self isolating. Usually if anyone decides to meet up, there’s a mutual agreement to be safe and smart about it.”

“I want everyone to be cautious. just do your own background check because you just never really know who that person is,” MTN warns.

Meaningful emotional connections are still an essential part of everyday life and MTN shares the one thing we all need to remember, “The most important thing for everyone who is single right now is to have a positive attitude towards meeting people.”

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