LAWRENCEVILLE, Pa. (WETM) – The drama surrounding Lawrenceville Borough’s water system continues as the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection has issued another notice of violation, this time for plugging a bullet hole in the water storage tank with a tree branch.

The DEP issued a notice of violation to Borough Council President Gordon Chilson on August 25 for the “improper” repair. The notice said that the DEP was first told in late June 2022 that the water storage tank had been shot and a temporary plug was put in place.

The August 25 violation notice said that a stick from a tree was inserted into a bullet hole in the water tank and “sealed with an unknown epoxy or resin-like material” about 8.5 feet above the ground. The DEP said these are “improper materials and improper technique” as they did not meet NSF certification requirements.

On June 30 and on July 14, the DEP requested more information about the plug, but the latest notice said the Borough never responded to those requests.

In a phone call on September 5, Council President Gordon Chilson said he wasn’t aware of the notice of violation.

Lawrenceville residents have continued to call into question the quality and safety of their drinking water, just as the DEP has issued violation notices for the Borough’s improper maintenance and reporting of the water system.

The August 25 notice also said that for the past year the Borough has failed to properly report calibrations of instruments used to monitor chlorine levels, as well as failed to prove that the people doing chlorine analyses have completed the Initial Demonstration of Capability (IDC).

The DEP said that Lawrenceville Borough has until September 24 to consult with the DEP to discuss how and when the violations will be fixed. The Borough then has another 30 days to tell the DEP that the violations have been resolved.

In a stipulated court order dated August 8, the Borough also has until September 8 to find and hire a licensed water operator. The Borough has been without an operator since the previous one resigned in May 2022.