ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- The night 20-year-old Kristin O’Connell was murdered has remained a mystery for almost 40 years to not only residents, but police as well.

It’s been almost four decades, and no suspect has ever officially been named by police. 18 News is continuing to investigate the brutal murder, talking with different groups that are still holding out hope.

Last week, we spoke with Phyllis O’Connell, Kristin’s mother, to learn what the past almost 38 years have been like for her and her family. Next, we talked with a true crime podcaster who has been digging into this case, as well.

Dawn Gandhi is the creator and host of ‘Method & Madness.’ Gandhi uses her degree in criminal justice to help tell victims’ stories. “It’s really about sharing the truth, not being salacious, being more thoughtful and insightful and really respecting the victims,” said Gandhi.

When Gandhi first learned about Kristin’s case it didn’t take her long at all to know she wanted to cover it for her podcast. “I want this solved as much as anybody, so I hope people will listen and act, even if it’s just sharing her story or signing the petition,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi plans on releasing three episodes. During the second one, she’ll go to Ovid and walk the same path Kristin O’Connell did the night she was murdered while also posing theories and talking about what investigators have uncovered over the years.

In August 1985, Kristin O’Connell left her home in Minnesota to visit a boy in Ovid, who at the time was just an acquaintance that Kristin wanted to get to know better. After about two days there, Kristin, for some unknown reason, decided she wanted to end the trip early and go home.

Later that same night, Kristin went on a walk, barefoot and without a purse, only for her body to be found two days later. “She leaves around 11:30 that night and takes a walk down a very dark rural road,” says Gandhi. According to Gandhi, witnesses also say Kristin was seen talking to someone in a car, and it’s reported that two individuals were following behind her.

Not only did people report seeing Kristin that night, but others also came forward to say that they heard what’s being described as ‘blood curdling screams’ around midnight. However, it would take the boy she was visiting over 12 hours to report her missing to the police.

According to Gandhi, this boy was a little bit younger than Kristin as he had just graduated high school. When he originally invited her to visit, he said that they would stay at his parents’ house. Shortly before Kristin arrived in Ovid, the boy let her know that plans changed and that they would be staying in a trailer instead. While her mother didn’t love this idea, she trusted Kristin and trusted that she would be safe with him.

The day before Kristin’s body was found naked and brutally murdered, it rained, washing away some of the evidence. However, there was still a lot of evidence that police were about to collect from the scene. “That’s sort of the key here because obviously in 1985 there wasn’t anything they could really do to test that. The hope is that now we can push to get this DNA tested,” said Gandhi.

During the ‘Method & Madness’ podcast, Gandhi will walk the listeners through the timeline of events that took place, even going back to that spring break trip Kristin took where she met the boy from Ovid. She also says she will work in interviews with Kristins mom, aunt, friends and even private investigators. All 3 episodes are set to drop in March, with the first one coming March 7th.

There is a Facebook group called ‘Justice for Kristin O’Connell‘ where you can keep track of any progress made in the case. As of right now, this is still an open investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to call State Police Troop E: (585) 398-4100.

GoFundMe page has also been set up as an effort to get justice in Kristin’s case.

This is the second story in our series on Kristin’s death. 18 News will have more interviews and perspectives in the coming days.