Do you know why your car was towed? Towing in the city of Elmira.

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Do you know what to do when your car gets towed? With the start of summer officially under way and more people being out and about we think it’s a good idea to know a little bit about the  towing and parking enforcement here in Elmira. So we took a closer look.


We spoke to a few employees of Gary’s Body Shop and Towing and found out what are some of the things that make a tow so expensive.


Gary’s Body shop shares the tow work with other tow shops in the area and are all in a rotation. Which ever tow company gets the call goes out. Gary’s auto body shop and other towing companies like it in the area are mostly responsible for towing totaled cars away from accidents, removing old and abandoned cars, and towing cars being operated without proper proof of registration or licensing.  They shared that they don’t target any specific areas nor do they conduct a very common type of towing method called a civil impound.


Vehicles can be towed if they are parked illegally or if you owe more than $350 for parking tickets or camera violations that are in judgment. If your vehicle is towed due to parking tickets or camera violations, it does not matter whether it is parked on a public street or private property. Any vehicles registered under your name may be towed for judgment debt.

A civil impound is where the police are involved in response to a call or complainant from a business about removing a car from a public lot.


Gary’s went on to add that they simply do not have the space for civil impounding on their lots.  While the towing companies do not often conduct civil impounds they say what you are more likely to receive is a fairly pricey parking ticket.

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