On Tuesday, October 4th, a dog by the name of “Dobby” was supposedly stolen from his owner off their property, Ferenbaugh Campground. Multiple eyewitnesses say that a woman took him with her, however, that it wasn’t out of mal intent. The woman reportedly asked multiple bystanders who the owner was and seemingly seemed concerned for Dobby’s wellbeing.

According to Cherie Callahan, the inherited owner of Ferenbaugh Campground and Devin’s mother (Dobby’s rightful owner), Dobby was roaming freely within the realms of his invisible fence. She presumes that the woman who took him didn’t know that and was likely just trying to help.

Devin and Becca are hopeful they’ll see Dobby again. If you’ve seen him or found him, you can call the numbers below to return him to his family.

(607) 962-6193 & (607) 329-4342