ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- Happy Earth Day! Today is the 52nd celebration of Earth day and Earth day provides a great opportunity to learn more about what you can do to help our planet.

The best place to start- reduce, reuse, recycle and in that order. Reduce your overall consumption, reuse what you do use, and then recycle it after reusing it.

There are also ways to lower your overall carbon footprint: switch to a more cost and energy efficient light bulb, bring reusable bags to the store, caulk on your windows can help trap heat in the winter and also keep it cooler in the summer. There are many ways to make more sustainable swaps.

Chemung County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Community Educators Toni Gardner and Jennifer Trimber give some tips on how to be more sustainable:

When you’re trying to reduce the amount of waste you produce you can ask yourself questions to make sure you’re being conscious of your choices: Do I really need this? How much of it do I need and be cautious you are not overbuying. It is also best to purchase items that overall have less packing material.